ULTD001 – Colipher & Tobias Koett – Soloft

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We are very excited to present “Soloft” as the debut of our FM4 Unlimited Matches series: a collaboration between Colipher (the alter ego of Sebastian Kargl, multi-instrumentalist of Austrian indie band Catastrophe & Cure) and Tobias Koett, singer and head of Berlin-based rnb electronica project Ant Antic.

In their first cooperation, dating back to a time when they were sharing a flat in Vienna, the two friends conjure a magical world of melancholy, where dance and pop don’t contradict each other but coexist in a wonderful symbiosis. “Soloft” is living proof that a song doesn’t need to be wrapped in kitsch and cluttered arrangements to immediately get stuck in your head: Tobias’ distinctive trademark vocals will get you hooked right away (and stay with you forever), while hazy harmonies and fluffy synth sounds gently wash over the crisp low-ends of a rumbling bassline. The minimalist instrumentation and subtle groove leaves enough room to breathe for every single sound in the arrangement, and the vocals seem to be floating effortlessly over a warm and organic texture of elaborate synth work.

Photo by: Karin Hackl Photos